Amsterdam Company Vape



The Amsterdam Company Classic Vape has 2 grams of oil and utilizes a ceramic coil and glass tip vape cartridge. With a two-stage preheating function, by the time you want to enjoy it, it self-regulates its temperature up to 2x to optimal. Meaning by the time you are ready to atomize the oil, you get perfect vapor flow and perfect vape everytime. Giving it a distinctively smooth vape experience with a comparatively distinct terpene aroma. Combined with a state of the art battery, this vape cartridge represents the pinnacle of the cannabis vaping experience. Available Strains: INDICA & LR – The Great Tangie; INDICA & LR – Pineapple Girl (LR = Live Rosin); INDICA & LR Dutch Thin Mint; INDICA – Black Forest Blackberry; HYBRID & LR – Summer Watermelon; SATIVA – Raspberry Frosting; SATIVA – Strawberry Fields


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