Amsterdam Company ‘The Pure’ Shatter



The Pure represents the pinnacle of quality in a shatter. Giving it a distinctively smooth dabbing experience The Pure is extracted using a true solvent less method. Combined with a state of the art dab container and the industries highest standard of quality testing, the resulting product is nothing short of perfect. While not a true shatter consisting of the standard shatter hard form, The Pure is more akin to a dab. At 99% THC, The Pure is chemically the best shatter that can ever be made. The resulting dabbing experience is unlike anything out on the market today. Simply put The Pure is the purest dabbing experience. The Amsterdam Company has the distinct advantage of growing the plant and extracting the pure oil. This allows us to create The Pure from 75+ different strains from Indica, Sativa and Hybrid cannabis groups. The Pure is for advanced cannabis users and should not be consumed by novice or first time users.


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